The Happy Bit is a collaborative project based in Genoa.

We blend creativity and new technology in an integrated process with a clear goal: deliver outstanding user experiences creating smart, functional, bleeding edge digital products.


Our web consultancy helps our clients improve.

Workflow enhancements, strategic online presence, web apps, e-commerce, you name it – we’ve got the right tools to create long term sustainable solutions.

Our vision

We believe in ease of use, in simplicity and in good software.

A project keeps on living and growing strong with the dedication you put into it: we have a knack at solving problems the smart way and we enjoy to carefully cure every single aspect of it.

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The Happy Bit

Vico di San Matteo 2/38

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Meet Superba

While we certainly are no strangers to designing photographic themes, we always though we could do better. Great feedback from our users has been the driving force of the design process, and one thing that kept popping up was that more relevance could be given to the real protagonists of the show: the photos themselves. […]

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