The Happy Bit is a collaborative project based in Genoa.

We blend creativity and new technology in an integrated process with a clear goal: deliver outstanding user experiences creating smart, functional, bleeding edge digital products.


Our web consultancy helps our clients improve.

Workflow enhancements, strategic online presence, web apps, e-commerce, you name it – we’ve got the right tools to create long term sustainable solutions.

Our vision

We believe in ease of use, in simplicity and in good software.

A project keeps on living and growing strong with the dedication you put into it: we have a knack at solving problems the smart way and we enjoy to carefully cure every single aspect of it.

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The Happy Bit

Vico di San Matteo 2/38

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WordPress Media Selector

We’ve created a tiny Javascript library to help theme and plugin developers interact with the native WordPress media library modal window. It provides the means to customize modal texts, single/multiple selection and media library items type filter. Since the library is based upon the new WordPress Media Manager, it is intended to be used with […]